God Knows Grandparents Make a Difference

God Knows Grandparents Make a Difference

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Grandparents have always tackled a mixed bag of joy, sorrow, energy, exhaustion, fear, laughter, anger and peace that is part and parcel of being a grandparent.

And today there are new challenges, too-providing one-parent families with emotional and financial support, adjusting to ethnic, racial and religious diversity, or even taking on the parenting of a grandchild.

Whether readers simply want to make the most of this very special time or are seeking guidance for the unique challenges of modern grandparenting, here is reassurance and direction to enjoy the pleasures and negotiate the difficulties.

With practical suggestions, shared stories, and the experiences of those who have been there, God Knows Grandparents Make a Difference encourages grandparents to embrace both the joys and challenges of today's grandparenting.

Written by Priscilla J. Herbison and Cynthia Tambornino

162 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"