Rearrangeable Multi-colored Magen David Menorah by Faith Zenker (M-18)

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This unusual handmade ceramic menorahs stands out because of its royal blue color that is accented with splashes of turquoise and silver. It has 9 separate ceramic Star of David candle pedestals in graduated heights up to the 4 inch high shamash candle holder. What makes this menorah so unique is that you can arrange the candle holders in any design you would like: a semi-circle, a line, an s-curve, a v shape, etc. When placed side by side, it can be almost 28 inches long end-to-end, it will make quite a dramatic statement for Chanukah! (But of course, they can take up a lot less room when arranged in other shapes.)

Height: varies 1 to 4 inches high
Width: 3.5 inches wide